New “Extreme Metal” pickup in development

Some of the more patient amongst you will have been following the work I’ve been doing on developing a humbucker for “Extreme Metal” with help from Raj Singarajah from Dynamic Rage Studio. So far there have been 3 prototypes, each one has gone to the studio for testing. Raj gives me feedback (arf arf), IContinue reading “New “Extreme Metal” pickup in development”

Höfner 510 Pickups re-wind

Old Höfner pickups are common visitors at the workshop for re-winds. The insulation breaks down on the winding wire they used and they become open circuit and simply stop working. Although these are built like humbuckers magnetically with 2 rows of pole pieces powered by a single bar magnet they have a single coil insideContinue reading “Höfner 510 Pickups re-wind”

Telecaster Elite ‘83 bridge pickup

I was sent an interesting faulty pickup the other day. It’s a bridge pickup from a 1983 Fender Telecaster Elite. Fender did a few unconventional things around that time and this is one of them. It’s an unusual shape which means that it’s not an easy pickup to replace so I really needed to saveContinue reading “Telecaster Elite ‘83 bridge pickup”