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Integrity-vintage humbucker

Integrity-vintage humbucker Single NZ$199 for NZ customers, if you’re overseas it’s GST free; NZ$173.04

Integrity-vintage humbucker Pair NZ$379 for NZ customers, if you’re overseas they’re GST free; NZ$329.57

Cover NZ$20 ($17.39) extra each pickup

Alnico II – Bridge 8.02 KOhms, 6.43H. Neck 7.41 KOhms, 5.57H

Inspired by the early Gibson PAF pickups the Integrity-vintage humbucker give the classic full balanced tone we all love.

Asymmetric coils give an open sounding mid range and the rough cast Alnico II magnet gives clarity and balance. A rich bottom end, characterful mids and sweet treble make this a pickup set for every situation – Jazz, Blues, Rock, it does it all.


Every pickup manufacturer makes a “Vintage” humbucker based on the Gibson PAF, of course they do – old Gibsons sound so good.

So how come they all sound so different? Well, the simple answer is that PAF’s were all different. I’ve been a full time luthier since 1995, whenever I come across an old humbucker I test the ohms and the gause and have a good listen. They’re all different. My conclusion is that pickup manufacturers have taken the PAF they like and based their own version on that. Old PAF’s vary so much so modern ones do as well.


Here is Nik Dobbin show off an Integrity set in an all mahogany PRS Santana SE II from the early 2000’s.


Integrity-vintage humbucker requirements

I have designed my own version to be clear sounding, have obvious string separation and definition and to keep clarity no matter how much gain. The mids must be strong and woody, this is not a “scooped” pickup. The clean sound needs to be chimey and clear with no mush; through a valve amp I want clarity. When I tickle it I want clean and vocal sounding when it clips. The bridge pickup needs to be well behaved with high gain and clear with enough cut through so the drummer knows you’re there. The neck smooth, clear and articulate. Warm but with none of the boom you get with a more powerful pickup.

I don’t want much do I.

My “Integrity”-vintage humbucker has a rough cast Alnico II magnet and I’ve used plain enamel insulated magnet wire with asymmetric coils to open up the mids, jusy like the originals.

The very first pickup I ever made back in 1995 was a PAF style and I’ve been tweaking the recipe ever since.

Studying the intricacies of this pickup design have given me a huge respect for Seth Lover the designer of the original Gibson PAF. Its hard to imagine the guitar world without it. Would Gibson be such a popular band without his contribution? Its hard to say.

Like all my pickups I’ve used a number of test pilot players in its development as well as gigging it myself. A huge thanks to all the players and engineers involved in the development.

These pickups were played in studios and on stages in the hands of numerous players long before I gave them a name or built this website.

I t wasn’t until around 2015 that I finally settled on this particular design. It had been a very long road for the Integrity humbucker set and I’m delighted to be offering them to you.

A Pickup in 4 Flavours

This pickup is available in 4 flavours to cover the various applications of this versatile pickup. You can select your option at the checkout.

The idea behind the 4 flavours is to simplify things for you. Rather than have 4 separate pickups with a similar vibe I’ve put them all under the umbrella of ‘Integrity’.

The Standard wind –

This is the one I feel is the best balance between output and tone. All the demos are of this version. After my years of experimenting this is the version I like the best and use myself.

5% Underwound –

This has 5% less windings than the standard pickup. Less wire means less power but it also reduces the bass and gives a little more high end sparkle. If you want a low powered very clean humbucker this is for you. This one is all about clarity. Especially suited to archtop guitars.

5% Overwound –

More windings mean a little more power but more significantly an increase in bass. Ideal for players wanting a classic rock tone or in HSS Strats.

10% Overwound –

An increase in power and bass from the standard pickup. Still very much the PAF vibe but with a bit more. This is a great rock pickup with the dynamic range to clean up nicely but with the power to push you amp. Suited to players using dirtier sounds from classic rock to Slash to early Van Halen.

The Integrity comes with 4 conductor wire to give you all the switching options. I very lightly wax pot the Integrity to reduce microphonic feedback but to retain some of the microphonic character of the originals.




The full and honest sound of the Integrity-vintage humbucker along with it’s timeless tone inspired the name “Integrity”.

Integrity-vintage humbucker by Mr Glyns Pickups
Humbucker options - Mr Glyns Pickups

Integrity-vintage humbucker


I put the integrity pick ups into my Jim Root Jazzmaster last week.
I gigged with the guitar on Sat night and am so happy.
They have the versatility that I’m looking for.

Bought a set of Mr Glyn’s Integrity humbuckers and they are awesome! These pickups do everything from clean to blues rock to screaming distorted rock tones. So great to just roll off the volume, have it clean up but still stay loud and defined. My guitar is now super versatile and sounds great! Thanks

Integrity-vintage humbucker

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