How do Humbuckers Work?

So How do Humbuckers Work? By a clever quirk of physics humbuckers manage to cancel out the hum they pick up. So how do they do it? Here’s a simple explanation with some help from Sammy the dog. Mr Glyn’s pickups are hand made in New Zealand. I make a few flavors of humbucker:Continue reading “How do Humbuckers Work?”

DiMarzio Super Distortion – Rewind

The other day I had a DiMarzio Super Distortion in for a re-wind. A classic pickup, first made in 1972 and still ROCKS. I’m not sure how old this one is but it has certainly had a life. I love seeing the Ohms of each coil hand written on the underside of the bobbins. TheContinue reading “DiMarzio Super Distortion – Rewind”

“Integrity”-vintage humbucker

Single NZ$199 for NZ customers, if you’re overseas it’s GST free; NZ$173.04 Pair NZ$379 for NZ customers, if you’re overseas they’re GST free; NZ$329.57 Cover NZ$20 ($17.39) extra each pickup Alnico II – Bridge 8.02 KOhms, 6.43H. Neck 7.41 KOhms, 5.57H Inspired by the early Gibson PAF pickups the Integrity give the classic full, balancedContinue reading ““Integrity”-vintage humbucker”