Cruel Mistress Telecaster Pickups

Mr Glyns Cruel Mistress hot Telecaster Pickups are designed for the Tele player who wants more than the traditional country twang. They have a full bottom end, cut through mids and a top end that is strong but never harsh. They’ll push you amp that bit harder without loosing that Telecaster character. There is nothingContinue reading “Cruel Mistress Telecaster Pickups”

Cruel Mistress Tele pickups demo

I’m delighted with this demo of my Cruel Mistress Tele pickups from Brett Kingman in Aussie. There is nothing like the high end snarl of a good Tele bridge pickup. However, Tele Pickups are complicated. It’s a sound that needs to be just right – too much treble and it can sound grating andContinue reading “Cruel Mistress Tele pickups demo”

Cruel Mistress -hot Tele Pickup set

Single “Cruel Mistress” -hot Tele NZ$129 for NZ customers. If you’re overseas it’s GST free; $NZ112.17 Pair “Cruel Mistress” -hot Tele NZ$249 for NZ customers. If you’re overseas they’re GST free; $NZ216.52 AlnicoV – Bridge 10.65 KOhms, 4.96H. Neck 7.25 KOhms, 2.48H Here’s a great demo from Brett Kingman. Mr Glyns Cruel Mistress hot TelecasterContinue reading “Cruel Mistress -hot Tele Pickup set”