“Silver Lady” Telecaster Pickups

I make two flavors of Telecaster Pickups. Here’s the low powered “Silver Lady in the hands of Jason Herbert. To hear the “Cruel Mistress” Tele set and lots more demos go to my YouTube channel. https://www.youtube.com/c/MrGlynsPickups/videos Telecasters are brutally honest guitars. There’s no hiding behind fat mushy tones – if you can do it onContinue reading ““Silver Lady” Telecaster Pickups”

Cruel Mistress Tele pickups demo

I’m delighted with this demo of my Cruel Mistress Tele pickups from Brett Kingman in Aussie. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcDggiRTQyFec5KAVHsC2xA There is nothing like the high end snarl of a good Tele bridge pickup. However, Tele Pickups are complicated. It’s a sound that needs to be just right – too much treble and it can sound grating andContinue reading “Cruel Mistress Tele pickups demo”

Tui pickups for Strat – Demo

Thanks to Gabe Dovaston from The Music Academy, Papamoa for this Tui pickups Demo. I’ve wound a lot of Strat pickups since I started in 1995. I started off re-winding cheap pickups and then moved on to repairing old dead Fender pickups. Every experiment was written down in a notebook with tone comments. Back whenContinue reading “Tui pickups for Strat – Demo”