Telecaster Elite ‘83 bridge pickup

I was sent an interesting faulty pickup the other day. It’s a bridge pickup from a 1983 Fender Telecaster Elite. Fender did a few unconventional things around that time and this is one of them.

It’s an unusual shape which means that it’s not an easy pickup to replace so I really needed to save this one.

Inside the plastic cover is a humbucker encased in some sort of resin. At least one of the coils is faulty so needs to be re-wound. There was no alternative, I just had to dig them out. There was no way the coils were coming out undamaged so I gave the customer a call to explain they both needed re-winding. He was happy so I got on with it.

It’s a pretty delicate operation to get the coils out without damaging them.

Once they were out and cleaned up it was a straightforward re-wind. I matched the dc resistance to the original spec of 11.3KOhms and put it all back.

If you have any duff pickups, get in touch. Most old pickups can be saved.

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