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Minx mini humbucker

Single Minx mini humbucker NZ$199 for NZ customers, if you’re overseas it’s GST free; NZ$173.04

Pair Minx mini humbucker NZ$379 for NZ customers, if you’re overseas they’re GST free; NZ$329.57

Minx mini humbucker specifications: AlnicoV – Bridge 10.5 KOhms, AlnicoV – Neck 6.6KOhms

The Minx mini humbucker is a hot mini humbucker designed for the blues and rock player.

Minx - mini humbucker Mr Glyns pickups

The Minx has plenty of that mini humbucker clarity and tonality but with more power and more grit.

If you love your mini humbucker guitar but want a bit more power than standard Deluxe style pickups the ‘Minx’ mini humbucker is the pickup for you.

The ‘Minx’ is a clean clear sounding mini humbucker but with more power than the vintage Gibson’s. There is warmth and clarity but with more powerful windings than the ‘Mini’ along with an alnicoV magnet they will push your amp harder.

With narrower coils than a PAF mini humbuckers ‘hear’ a narrower part of the string resulting in cleaner highs, a less pushy lower mid range and a distinctive clear bass that’s never woofy or wooly.

The neck pickup has the same coils as the ‘Mini’ but with an alnicoV magnet they have a fatter power and make a great match to the Minx bridge pickup.

The bridge pickup has a characterful mid range with a bite and fullness that is lacking in most mini humbuckers. You wouldn’t describe this pickup as polite and it will certainly put you towards the front of any mix.

hot mini humbucker Mr Glyns pickups

Great for the blues or rock player after dynamics – tickle it and it’s clean but when you dig in there’s enough power to push the front end of your amp into break up when you ask it to.

Although he Les Paul Deluxe was a short lived guitar in the Gibson range the mini humbucker has lived on. It is a very popular pickup in custom guitars particularly the neck pickup and is a great match for Mr Glyn’s ‘Cruel Mistress’ telecaster bridge pickup.

If you’re looking for a pickup that is clearer than a PAF, has a less prominent lower mid spike with an even balanced tone then the Minx – mini humbucker could be the pickup for you.

For a lower powered mini humbucker take a look at the ‘Mini’

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updated 8 May 2023