MrGlyns Humbucker Pickups

MrGlyns Humbucker Pickups have something for every player. Not sure which to choose? Please get in touch and we can work together to find the best MrGlyns humbucker pickup for you.

Integrity alnico 2 vintage voiced humbucker

Integrity: Vintage voiced PAF style alnico 2 in 4 flavours

single $NZ199, set $NZ379 + covers

Cloud Nine hot humbucker Mr Glyns pickups

Cloud Nine: Ultimate versatility for rock and metal

single $NZ199, set $NZ379 + covers

Attitude contemporary humbucker Mr Glyns pickups

Attitude: Hot, modern, dynamic and aggressive

single $NZ199, set $NZ379 + covers

Attitude 7: Modern hot dynamic 7 string set

single $NZ219, set $NZ419 + covers

Draig doom humbucker

Draig: designed for low tuned Doom heavy riffing

single from $NZ189, set $NZ379 + covers

Tūmatauenga: Signature humbucker of Lewis De Jong from Alien Weaponry

single $NZ229

Clear View, low powered humbucker with single coil voicing

Clear View: Clean, clear humbucker for players who don’t like humbuckers

single $NZ199, set $NZ379 + covers

TheTron filtertron Mr Glyns pickups

TheTron: Filtertron-style with attitude

single $NZ229, set $NZ440 + mounting

Traditional Gibson Dlx style humbucker

Mini: Traditional Delux style mini humbucker

single $NZ199, set $NZ379

Hot mini humbucker

Minx: Hot Delux style mini humbucker

single $NZ199, set $NZ379

Humbucker side P90 by Mr Glyns Pickups

Black Sand: Humbucker size P90 for all situations

single $NZ189, set $NZ369

Ben Neal putting the Integrity through its paces

MrGlyns Humbucker Pickups