Mr Glyn’s Pickups

Mr Glyns pickups are individually made near Auckland, New Zealand. From low powered Vintage to powerful ROCK pickups. Designed combining experience, intuition and science. Road-tested by players on stage and in studios. Packaged with care for you and the planet. Food for amplifiers.


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On this website you’ll find detailed descriptions of my range of pickups, demos, sound samples reviews and my blog.

There are always new pickups in development as well as a steady supply of interesting old pickups at the workshop for repair. In my blog I try and keep you up to date on new pickups in development as well as writing detailed articles on interesting repairs. I do see quite a few vintage pickups and really enjoy sharing the details of their design and construction. It constantly amazes me how many people are interested in these cool little devices.

All pickup demos are uploaded on YouTube as well as some videos my customers send me. Check out my series Mr Glyn Meets Your Maker where I record conversations with other makers of guitar gear. It’s really interesting hearing how they approach their work. There are so many great makers out there.

I’d love you to follow my blog, subscribe to my YouTube, follow me on Instagram, ‘Friend’ me on Facebook – I try and update my social media regularly, reply to messages and I won’t spam you.

Mr Glyns Pickups is a small business which means I can communicate with my customers one to one. I’m always happy to discuss your requirements, answer questions and give advice. I want to know about the guitars my pickups are going in, send me pictures, send me recordings.


MatthewGore – Silver Lady Vintage Telecaster set

Kia ora Glyn – just thought I’d flick you a note to say I’m very happy with the pickups. In combination with my Princeton Reverb, it’s exactly the tele sound I’ve always been chasing. The bridge in particular has really surprised me, as I’ve always found tele bridges a bit much, but yours has the perfect 60s country twang and I find I’m actually staying on the bridge most of the time now. Probably should have gone with vintage output pickups a long time ago! Anyway, thanks again for the great service. Kind regards, Matt

Warren George (Audio Zephyr) – Attitude set

A couple of weeks back I installed a set of your ‘attitude’ Pickups (18k bridge etc). I was really impressed ..for such hi gain they sounded nice and open and with a great singing type tone, harmonics jumping out on any note played …and this was on a thin neck floyd rose equipped ibanez …turned this normally toneless guitar into a decent instrument ….happy customer [October 2020] George (Audio Zephyr)

Peter K Malthus – Attitude Bridge

Suffice it to say it’s exceeded expectations. Every single tonal dynamic has been enriched and enhanced. It delivers on everything you promised. Tight, punchy bottom end with soaring singing highs. Well done sir, it’s truly superb. As soon as I can I’ll order a second.

A F Westphal – Cruel Mistress Bridge, Black Sand Neck

Oh brother. I can’t get over the sound. P90 is so beefy and just growls and the tone on that tele pup… Totally awesome. The only thing that sucks is my playing… I need to practice harder. With those pickups there is nowhere to hide

Martin Robinson – Purple Pro Audio – Leeds UK

Glyn wound me a new single coil bridge pickup for my Strat, some time around 2000 and I still have the pickup in the guitar now. I was after a very particular sound, more like a hum-bucker really and after listening carefully to my comments, he took the pickup back no less than three times and rewound it in order to get it just right!

It’s one of the very best pickups on any guitar I own and I would highly recommend MrGlyn’s pickups to anyone. Glyn has an in-depth knowledge of the intricacies of pickup design along with an incredible eye for detail and always makes sure everything is done to the highest standard. He’s also a really nice bloke!

I wish him every success with MrGlyn’s Pickups.

Paul Cooke

We recently finished a guitar project putting together a heavily reliced Fender Strat. I was looking for some real classic sounding pickups and settled on Mr Glyn’s ‘Tui’ pickup set. Couldn’t be happier…they have got some serious tone!

Jeff Silverman

I’ve installed Mr Glyn’s pickups in four guitars…so far. It’s obvious the years of fine tuning that has gone into each model. They hit that perfect sweet spot which will take your tone to the next level. And, made in NZ!!!! Silverman

Dave Wasp

High quality, hand built scatter wound pickups. Fab tone, dynamically responsive, hugely versatile. Stuck an orange drop cap on the Tele set and you’ll get everything from an ear splitting Country twang to a warm caramel Jazz. Hot enough to push those valves for a fat overdrive too. Couldn’t recommend enough. Wasp

Dylan Kay – Tui Set

Mr Glyn’s pickups brought my James Tyler Strat to life. I never felt the original pickups did it justice, and spent a long time searching for pickups that would bring it to its full potential. I tried a number of the best-known manufacturers, but none of them really did it.

Glyn listened, made suggestions and got it right first time. His Tui pickups have brought out the woodiness and airiness in the sound that I was looking for, whilst also having the right amount of bite. Glyn’s care and attention to detail, his passion and wealth of knowledge have made these my pickups of choice.

To my knowledge, the only NZ pickup manufacturer, and in my experience these are up there with the best in the world. They’ve been a closely guarded secret for a good while, delighted to see these reaching a wider audience! Kay

Paul Smith

If you want custom made pickups, you can’t beat being able to discuss what you want with the maker. I have tried both Telecaster and Stratocaster sets from Mr Glyn, as good as any, and reasonably priced