What happens when I buy a pickup from you?
Once you order a pickup you’ll get an automated email confirming what you have ordered. We’ll email in a day or so to say Hi and let you know when we’ll be making your pickup(s). All our pickups are made by me (Glyn) personally so it can take a few days. Once your pickups are tested, packed and ready to be sent we’ll email you with a tracking number. Feel free to contact us at any time. 

What if I’m not sure which pickup is best for me?
Read the description, listen to the sound samples and if you’re still not sure just contact us and we’ll talk you through it. Deciding what’s right for you isn’t easy and you want to get it right, we get that.

I’m looking for something that isn’t on your website.
Try us, new things are always in development. We’re always happy to recommend products by other companies if we don’t have what you want. You can email mrglynspickups@gmail.com or give me a call +6421 912 678.

Can I visit your workshop?
No, we’re not open to the public.

What’s the robot all about?
He’s called Mr K.Ohm and he’s completely made of old guitar parts. He’s our cute mascot.

Do you fix broken old pickups?
Yes; if you have a faulty pickup by any manufacturer contact us by email: mrglynspickups@gmail.com

Is the Ohms figure given for each pickup a measure of power? 
It’s a very rough guide. Using ohms as a measure of power is a bit like judging the speed of a car by the amount of rpm it’s doing. It’s meaningless without knowing which gear you’re in. Consider the Ohms, the Henry and type of magnet if you like numbers, consider the description if you like words. You can always just get in touch and we’ll talk you through it.

What’s a treble bleed?
It’s a simple little circuit added on to your volume control to avoid losing treble as you turn the volume down. We give you one when you buy a pickup. It’s up to you if you use it but we like them. Here is some useful information on treble bleeds:




What’s the correct height for my pickup?
Short answer, there isn’t one. Here is some useful information on how to decide what height to set your pickup:


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