Peter K Malthus

Attitude Bridge – Suffice it to say it’s exceeded expectations. Every single tonal dynamic has been enriched and enhanced. It delivers on everything you promised. Tight, punchy bottom end with soaring singing highs. Well done sir, it’s truly superb. As soon as I can I’ll order a second. [1 September 2020]

A F Westphal

Cruel Mistress Bridge, Black Sand Neck – Oh brother. I can’t get over the sound. P90 is so beefy and just growls and the tone on that tele pup… Totally awesome. The only thing that sucks is my playing… I need to practice harder. With those pickups there is nowhere to hide [2 September 2020]

Martin Robinson

Strat bridge pickup; Glyn wound me a new single coil bridge pickup for my Strat, some time around 2000 and I still have the pickup in the guitar now. I was after a very particular sound, more like a hum-bucker really and after listening carefully to my comments, he took the pickup back no lessContinue reading “Martin Robinson”

Paul Cooke

I recently finished a guitar project putting together a heavily reliced Fender Strat. I was looking for some real classic sounding pickups and settled on Mr Glyn’s ‘Tui’ pickup set. I couldn’t be happier…they have got some serious tone!

Jeff Silverman

I’ve installed Mr Glyn’s pickups in four guitars…so far. It’s obvious the years of fine tuning that has gone into each model. They hit that perfect sweet spot which will take your tone to the next level. And, made in NZ!!!!

Dave Wasp

High quality, hand built scatter wound pickups. Fab tone, dynamically responsive, hugely versatile. Stuck an orange drop cap on the Tele set and you’ll get everything from an ear splitting Country twang to a warm caramel Jazz. Hot enough to push those valves for a fat overdrive too. Couldn’t recommend enough.

Dylan Kay

Tui Set – Mr Glyn’s pickups brought my James Tyler Strat to life. I never felt the original pickups did it justice, and spent a long time searching for pickups that would bring it to its full potential. I tried a number of the best-known manufacturers, but none of them really did it. Glyn listened,Continue reading “Dylan Kay”

Mark Kenington

Bought a set of Mr Glyn’s Blue Sky humbuckers and they are awesome! These pickups do everything from clean to blues rock to screaming distorted rock tones. So great to just roll off the volume, have it clean up but still stay loud and defined. My guitar is now super versatile and sounds great! Thanks 👍😎Continue reading “Mark Kenington”