How do Humbuckers Work?

So How do Humbuckers Work? By a clever quirk of physics humbuckers manage to cancel out the hum they pick up. So how do they do it? Here’s a simple explanation with some help from Sammy the dog. Mr Glyn’s pickups are hand made in New Zealand. I make a few flavors of humbucker:Continue reading “How do Humbuckers Work?”

How Do Humbuckers Work?

How Do Humbuckers Work? Humbucking pickups get their name from the clever way they cancel out hum. But how do they do it?Here’s a brief video to explain why, with some help from Sammy the dog. About MrGlyn’s Pickups MrGlyn’s Pickups is based near Auckland, New Zealand. My name is Glyn Evans. I have beenContinue reading “How Do Humbuckers Work?”