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Ep#9 Mr Glyn Meets Your Maker – Red Witch Pedals

Red Witch Pedals

This was a real treat for me, getting to have a chat with Ben Fulton from Red Witch Pedals . He’s a Kiwi legend and has designed some of the most imaginative pedals out there. I’m amazed at his constant evolution and pushing the boundaries. He talks about the past, his current designs and a few hints about future designs in the pipeline. I urge you to have a listen to his sound samples, better still try his pedals, you won’t be disappointed.

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Here’s what the Red Witch Pedals website says about Ben:

Ben Fulton has never killed a man.

Not even once.

Not even just a little bit, down some dark back alley, in the middle of the night, when no one else was around and all evidence of the crime was suitably bleached and limed away.

Not even ever.


Ben Fulton has designed a range of effects pedals that a whole lot of extremely good musicians use and love on a daily basis – in the arenas, studios and bedrooms of the world.

This would have been a difficult feat if he had killed someone because he inevitably would have let it slip “Oh yes, the other day, you know, the day after I killed that guy….”

And the game would have been up.

Very hard to design world-class effects pedals in prison.

Very hard indeed.

People like Andy Summers and Reeves Gabrels are pleased that Ben ended up designing marvellous guitar pedals instead of going to prison.

Though we’re sure some of the guys in prison are sad that it worked out like this.

He’s got quite pretty hair.

Ben Fulton’s Mum is relieved that he hasn’t killed anyone and quietly proud that he has designed these rather lovely effects pedals.

We are too.

Red Witch Pedals

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