Dylan Kay

Tui Set

Mr Glyn’s pickups brought my James Tyler Strat to life. I never felt the original pickups did it justice, and spent a long time searching for pickups that would bring it to its full potential. I tried a number of the best-known manufacturers, but none of them really did it. Glyn listened, made suggestions and got it right first time. His Tui pickups have brought out the woodiness and airiness in the sound that I was looking for, whilst also having the right amount of bite. Glyn’s care and attention to detail, his passion and wealth of knowledge have made these my pickups of choice. To my knowledge, the only NZ pickup manufacturer, and in my experience these are up there with the best in the world. They’ve been a closely guarded secret for a good while, delighted to see these reaching a wider audience! https://www.aucklandguitarschool.co.nz/