‘74 Precision Bass Pickup Re-wind

Been doing a few pickup rewinds recently. This Precision Bass Pickup from 1974 had one coil completely open circuit. Pretty common for that era. If you’ve got an old Fender (not just basses) with a quiet, thin sounding pickup there’s a fair chance you need a re-wind. Pickup re-winds are a big part of whatContinue reading “‘74 Precision Bass Pickup Re-wind”

How Do Humbuckers Work?

How Do Humbuckers Work? Humbucking pickups get their name from the clever way they cancel out hum. But how do they do it?Here’s a brief video to explain why, with some help from Sammy the dog. About MrGlyn’s Pickups MrGlyn’s Pickups is based near Auckland, New Zealand. My name is Glyn Evans. I have beenContinue reading “How Do Humbuckers Work?”

“Tui” pickup for Strat

A description of what makes my “Tui” pickup for Strat different. I’ve wound a lot of Strat pickups since I started in 1995. I started off re-winding cheap pickups and then moved on to repairing old dead Fender pickups. Every experiment was written down in a notebook with tone comments. Back when I started thereContinue reading ““Tui” pickup for Strat”

“Cruel Mistress” -hot Tele Pickup set

Single “Cruel Mistress” -hot Tele NZ$129 for NZ customers. If you’re overseas it’s GST free; $NZ112.17 Pair “Cruel Mistress” -hot Tele NZ$249 for NZ customers. If you’re overseas they’re GST free; $NZ216.52 AlnicoV – Bridge 10.05 KOhms, 4.96H. Neck 7.25 KOhms, 2.48H Here’s a great demo from Brett Kingman. Mr Glyns Cruel Mistress hot TelecasterContinue reading ““Cruel Mistress” -hot Tele Pickup set”