Black Sand neck pickup

Great to see my old mate Warren the other day and a huge privilege to have him using one of my pickups. If you don’t know his music yet:

I’ve fitted one of my ‘Black Sand’ humbucker size P90s in the neck position of his es335. Here’s how it sounds:

I can’t describe the satisfaction I get from hearing something I’ve made sound so good in the hands of such a musician – and to think, I call this work!

Telecaster Elite ‘83 bridge pickup

I was sent an interesting faulty pickup the other day. It’s a bridge pickup from a 1983 Fender Telecaster Elite. Fender did a few unconventional things around that time and this is one of them.

It’s an unusual shape which means that it’s not an easy pickup to replace so I really needed to save this one.

Inside the plastic cover is a humbucker encased in some sort of resin. At least one of the coils is faulty so needs to be re-wound. There was no alternative, I just had to dig them out. There was no way the coils were coming out undamaged so I gave the customer a call to explain they both needed re-winding. He was happy so I got on with it.

It’s a pretty delicate operation to get the coils out without damaging them.

Once they were out and cleaned up it was a straightforward re-wind. I matched the dc resistance to the original spec of 11.3KOhms and put it all back.

If you have any duff pickups, get in touch. Most old pickups can be saved.

Seymour Duncan JB – Re-Wind

Seymour Duncan JB humbuckers are such a classic pickup, loud and aggressive with no shortage of high end attack.

This one had stopped working altogether. With the tape off the hook up wires are exposed and it’s possible to identify which coil has the problem. It’s usually just one coil.

It turned out to be the coil with the screws in this case.

The coil with the lugs in fine and showing 8.42KOhms and from that I can figure out what size wire they used and calculate the number of turns needed to re-wind the duff coil.

Pretty routine stuff this one but always nice to have a look inside a classic pickup.

DiMarzio Super Distortion – Rewind

Here’s one for the geeks:

A DiMarzio Super Distortion in for a re-wind. A classic pickup, first made in 1972 and still ROCKS. I’m not sure how old this one is but it has certainly had a life.

I love seeing the Ohms of each coil hand written on the underside of the bobbins.

The whole thing is powered by that over thick ceramic magnet, offset to one side and with a steel bar down the side of one set of bolts to compensate for it. It’s that magnet that gives it the power, articulation and sensitivity.

Never judge a pickup by its ohms!

You will have heard these on thousands of recordings.