Pickup Height Adjustment

The height of your pickups is crucial to your tone. I find that the better the quality of the pickup the more difference the height makes to the tone.

There is, of course, no correct distance from the string so the measurements I’ll give you are a guide and a great place to start. I recommend you set your MrGlyn’s Pickups to these heights when you instal them but feel free to tweak them to your own taste after.

The principle is, the closer to the strings the pickups are the louder and more dynamic the sound, further away is more compressed and quieter.

But there’s another factor. Pickups work by magnetism, if a pickup is too close to the string the magnet will attract the string and cause a strange wobbly sound called a wolf tone. This is much more pronounced with single coil pickups and on the bass strings on the higher frets. These ‘wolf tones’ are sometimes called ‘Stratitis’.

The pickup height is measured from the top of the pickup pole (or cover) to the underside of the string when fretting the highest fret.

Here are my recommend heights:


Pickups for new builds

This week I had an order from Trevor Binford at Binford Luthiery in Onehunga, Auckland. He runs fantastic courses where you can make a guitar from scratch.


He wanted a set of Silver Lady Telecaster pickups for his own Tele and asked if I make a Precision Bass pickup. Well, they aren’t on the website (not yet) but I do make them. Always worth asking, eh.

New “Extreme Metal” pickup in development

Some of the more patient amongst you will have been following the work I’ve been doing on developing a humbucker for “Extreme Metal” with help from Raj Singarajah from Dynamic Rage Studio.

So far there have been 3 prototypes, each one has gone to the studio for testing. Raj gives me feedback (arf arf), I go away, have a think, and make a new version.

After version 2 I reduced the bass coming from the coils, introduced asymmetry to the coils to broadened the mid range response and changed the screw poles for a rail on one of the coils.

Here’s the verdict:


Its fantastic imho. The high mid 1.6-3k range with the rail is great! the rail has definitely done its job. Its got just the boost needed to stop it from being dull.

has that really nice snarl with the gain on. Very bright. Its actually great and tight.

low end is great.

it sounds “right” at the moment for this style of music I feel.

The high end is smooth. The high mid is apparent but not “pokey”. Not too much when getting close to 3k. Really sitting at that 1-1.6k where it should be.

I almost feel like possible next iteration to see how it goes with getting a slight scoop out a tinge. by a tinge. I mean a tinge haha as I feel like its really starting to get there. the slightly more scooped part is more of a “try to see if it gets any better”. But I really think this is great as it is.Thoughts?


I’m chuffed with that. From now on I’m only going to make one small change at a time for each version. I’ll keep you folks informed but this does take time.

We’ve already got a bloody good pickup – lets see how good it can get.

Höfner 510 Pickups re-wind

Old Höfner pickups are common visitors at the workshop for re-winds. The insulation breaks down on the winding wire they used and they become open circuit and simply stop working.

Although these are built like humbuckers magnetically with 2 rows of pole pieces powered by a single bar magnet they have a single coil inside them.

The bobbins are often very fragile. They’re made of thin plastic and can deform easily.

I was happy with how they came out in the end.

If you have any dead pickups, get in touch.


New “Tui” Stratocaster Pickup Video

Just made a short promo video for the “Tui” pickup. Thanks so much to Warren Mendonsa for his fantastic playing.

I’m going to use it for a Facebook/Instagram ad but just thought I’d preview it on the blog first.

Here’s the full version with a real human playing:

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