Free stuff for New Zealand Music Month

New Zealand Music Month is here and to celebrate MrGlyn’s Pickups wants to help you look good.

With every pickup set bought from the website in May ’21 we’re going to give you a free “Robo Aotearoa” T-Shirt.

If you buy a single pickup we’ll give you a treble bleed and a pick holder as usual but if you get a pickup set you get a T-Shirt too.

Here I am modelling (luckily not my chosen career)

Mr Glyn's T-Shirt
Music Month “Robo Aotearoa”

And here’s the choice of colours and sizes.

NZ Music Month T-Shirt colours
T-Shirt colour

When you order your pickup set during New Zealand Music Month just write in ‘Order Notes” at the checkout to let us know which size and colour you’d like. Don’t order it from the “Merchandise” page, it will try and charge you and then it’s not free.

This is only for New Zealand retail customers, only for full sets of pickups and only in May, simple.

If you just want the T-Shirt and no pickups you can buy one from the “Merchandise “ page

Support NZ music – go and see some live bands and buy some music.

Don’t forget to check out my YouTube series “Mr Glyn Meets Your Maker” for interviews with NZ guitar and pedal makers .

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