“Sassy” P90

Single – “Sassy” P90 NZ$189 for NZ customers, if you’re overseas it’s GST free; NZ$164.35 Pair – “Sassy” P90 NZ$369 for NZ customers, if you’re overseas they’re GST free; NZ$320.87 Alnico V, Neck- 6.7 KOhms, 4.42H, Bridge 7.55 KOhms, 5.23H The Mr Glyn’s “Sassy” P90 is a pickup set influenced by the Gibson P90’s of the lateContinue reading ““Sassy” P90″

Gibson T-Top repair

I’ve been repairing a few broken old pickups recently so thought I’d share some pictures and thoughts on this classic old Gibson T-Top. The T-Top is a fairly common pickup on my workbench. Not because there’s and common fault with them but simply there were so many made and they’re all getting quite old now.Continue reading “Gibson T-Top repair”

“Silver Lady” Telecaster Pickups

I make two flavors of Telecaster Pickups. Here’s the low powered “Silver Lady in the hands of Jason Herbert. To hear the “Cruel Mistress” Tele set and lots more demos go to my YouTube channel. https://www.youtube.com/c/MrGlynsPickups/videos Telecasters are brutally honest guitars. There’s no hiding behind fat mushy tones – if you can do it onContinue reading ““Silver Lady” Telecaster Pickups”

“Attitude” 7 string humbucker – Mr Glyn’s Pickups

For a while I’ve been working on extending my range of humbucking pickups for rock players. The Cloud Nine will do just about anything but I wanted to offer a more specific pickup for modern rock/metal, a 7 string humbucker. I wanted a tight bottom end, singing highs and a balanced midrange with that slightContinue reading ““Attitude” 7 string humbucker – Mr Glyn’s Pickups”

Where to try Mr Glyn’s Pickups

I’m delighted to announce that The Guitar Gallery in downtown Auckland is not only stocking Mr Glyn’s Pickups but has demo guitars loaded with them for you to try Mr Glyn’s Pickups. The shop is at 95 Queen Street (Opposite Fort Street) but it isn’t easy to find so I made this short video. https://theguitargallery.co.nz/https://theguitargallery.co.nz/Continue reading “Where to try Mr Glyn’s Pickups”

Free Stuff for NZ Music Month

New Zealand Music Month is here and to celebrate MrGlyn’s Pickups wants to help you look good. With every pickup set bought from the website in May we’re going to give you a free “Robo Aotearoa” T-Shirt. If you buy a single pickup we’ll give you a treble bleed and a pick holder as usualContinue reading “Free Stuff for NZ Music Month”

“Tui” hot Strat pickups getting a workout

Thanks to https://www.thejamunit.com/ for showing us what the “Tui” hot Strat pickups can do. I’ve wound a lot of Strat pickups since I started in 1995. I started off re-winding cheap pickups and then moved on to repairing old dead Fender pickups. Every experiment was written down in a notebook with tone comments. Back whenContinue reading ““Tui” hot Strat pickups getting a workout”

Ep#10 Mr Glyn Meets Your Maker – Rod Capper Guitars

In this episode I talk to Rod Capper and get to completely re-think some of the things I thought I knew about guitar construction. Rod’s years of experimentation have brought him to some interesting conclusions. Rod Capper has been making classical guitars near Auckland for 35 years. I was interested in discussing the conflict betweenContinue reading “Ep#10 Mr Glyn Meets Your Maker – Rod Capper Guitars”

‘78 Musicman Stingray Bass pickup re-wind

The Musicman Stingray bass is for me one of the top 3 basses ever – the Precision, the Jazz and the Stingray cover pretty much everything between them. A big part of what makes the Stingray so good is the Musicman Stingray Bass pickup. It has such a distinctive sound. Once you’re tuned into itContinue reading “‘78 Musicman Stingray Bass pickup re-wind”

‘74 Precision Bass Pickup re-wind

I’ve been doing quite a few bass pickup re-wind jobs recently. If your pickup has stopped working or suddenly started sounding thin and quiet it may well need re-winding. This old Fender pickup was completely dead, now it lives again. Pickup re-winds are a big part of what I do. In the early days backContinue reading “‘74 Precision Bass Pickup re-wind”