New Development

I started designing an ‘Extreme Metal’ pickup back in August with the help of Raj Singarajah from Dynamic Rage Studio in Auckland, well, today we finalized the design.

It’s been a long journey but I’m delighted. I heard the final prototype in the studio this afternoon and it does everything I wanted it to.

Raj has put in so much work and catalogued the audio for each stage.

It’s still going to be a little while before there are any production models though.

I’m having magnets made, I need to get poles made, I’ve redesigned the base plate so I need to get those made, I need to get bobbins made, there are some other parts I’ve added to shape the magnetic field, they need to be made. All that stuff will me made in NZ except the magnets.

In the end there will be 6 and 7 string models as well as a slanted version for multiscale.

So folks, keep watching this space, it is on the way.

Here’s Raj with one of the early prototypes.

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